Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I'm afraid that I am the grinch of Halloween. I find it very stressful coming up with ideas for costumes that won't cost much money. I am NOT a creative/imaginative person and so this holiday of creativity causes stress. I loathe the idea of spending money just to dress up for one evening. I hate spending so much money on candy, just to give it out to other kids, whose parents in turn give me their candy, that I really didn't want to fight with my kids about in the first place!!
That being said. Once the day is done... I DO love to see how excited the kids are, and am always excited that they are always thrilled with my meager attempt at a costume and never complain they don't have the 30-50 dollar ones. They are always so cute, and at the end of the day, I am always glad we did it and enjoy Halloween.

Temps around 60 made for a beautiful Halloween night for our
(Ethan had a hook and an eye patch that... in true Ethan form... were lost before the evening even began)
(Elise wasn't feeling well, and was cold, so she wore her winter cap under her witch hat)

and our victim of a vampire
(Samantha went with her friend (the vampire) to a party)
Most of the night this is all I saw... the backs of the kids running door to door :D
I have to admit it is very fun living in a neighbourhood where we know most of our neighbours and their kids and get to go to their friends houses and see them out trick or treating.
Checking out the haul!!
35 pieces of candy!!
In the end a very FUN, beautiful, evening!!
Hope you all had a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!


Sarah said...

I love Halloween! It looks like you guys had a perfect Halloween night :) Very different from the ones where it snowed up in Calgary!! Our kids are so spoiled ;)

Grandma Whiting said...

You did great on the costumes. Lucky for you that the weather wasn't freezing. Nice pictures.

Dori said...

The Costumes are very cute and very creative!!!! as for the candy....It's the necessary evil that starts that weight gain of the holidays! Somethings got to set the wheels in motion.

Jan said...

Hello Tracey,
I am so gald you found my blog!! I love stalkers and I love to stalk!!

The Bryan's said...

I totally agree with you Tracy. However, I don't really like any holiday...:( Maybe I like Christmas a little better than all the others, but the comcept of decorating, buying presents and all that stress is really something I don't enjoy. I do love all their costumes specially Samathas! Great idea Samanha! Is Elise going to watch twilight?

Tricia said...

I love the cowgirl,my friend had her little boy dressed up like a cowboy and both together they would have won ribbons. I LOVE THE PINK COWBOY BOOTS!!! I want a pair. I love how happy kids are to go and get candy from the neighborhood. I think most everyone even had beautiful weather this year for a change.

Anonymous said...

I think Halloween is VERY fun. We had 104 kids at the door. I bought enough for 300 and there wasn't anything left... do the math on that one!!

hsjacobus said...

I know what you mean about Halloween. I don't care for the commercialism of most holidays. I tried to do something other then candy this year and my husband was horrified. I gave in in the end and bought candy.