Wednesday, February 06, 2008

My Second Home

Isn't it beautiful?

I wish!! This is what my second home actually looks like

Ever feel like you spend more time in your car than your home? I had one of those days yesterday, and I have a feeling it is only going to get worse as my children get older. I left the house at 3:30pm to pick up the kids so we could go pick up Samantha's friend to take them to their art class. After the art class drop off I had to drop Elise off at activity days, at which point Ethan needed a bathroom break, and we were close enought to home so I rolled into the garage, and he ran in the house, and came out a minute later. I didn't even get out or turn the engine off. We ran around doing more errands, then we had to go pick up Elise from her activity day, came home and realized we had been on the road for almost 3 hours, and poor Ethan hadn't even been home yet. Brad and I said hello around 6:15 when we both walked in the door, shoved in some chicken, gave some instructions for Samantha and off we went our seperate ways again 15 min later... back in the vehicle again. Not to mention the running around I did in the morning.
On the other hand my kids know the lyrics to all the songs on the radio. Abby in particular loves a jingle by a nutritional supplement store in town. The jingle is to the tune of "If You're Happy and You Know It". Now imagine Abby singing along at the top of her lungs

"If your flabby and you know it- Go get fit
Saddlebaggy and you know it- Go get fit
If you spread 'em when you sit
And you always feel like..... crud
If you're flabby and you know it- Go get fit
Go get fit
Go get fit
Go get fit"
Ethan's favorite is "Zooooka, Zooka tooth care for kids"
Maybe we should put better use to our many hours spent in the car? Like a book on tape or something....
Nah.... look at the great messages we're getting on the radio. We will stop off and get a dental cleaning at Zooka and "go get fit, go get fit, go get fit!"
What do you do with your time in the car?


Brad said...

I listen to sports radio and rehash 40 times why the stupid Patriots lost!!!

brittany said...

What gym is the get fit ad for, they've convinced me...

Shawna said...

All I have to say is look at those snow tires! Woo Hoo!
That's hilarious about Abby and her song. I complain about my days being busy but not as busy as yours. You go girl!

Christie said...

Your crazy, 2 words Car Pool. :-) We don't spend that much time in the car, I am surprised that Abbie didn't mind sitting there for 3 hours.

Tracey said...

Shawna, I'm SO glad you noticed my tires... I was hoping someone would :-)

hsjacobus said...

Your second home highly resembles mine, however I think I liked your imagined second home better. I want to come visit you there. Our family really likes the books on tapes the best in our car.