Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Coming home from school

I know you are tired of looking at pictures of Bend, but I just had to post a couple more pictures I took today.
These are a couple more of my favorite roads to drive on. You MUST enlarge these pictures by clicking on them to get a better image (I labeled my house for you :D)
The kids are so lucky to have such a nice walk/ride home from school.

The top picture I took from the kids elementary school parking lot

The second picture I took on the way home from Samantha's middle school.This shot really doesn't do it justice as you can't really capture the experience as you come up over this little hill and this vista lays in front of you. Again, I LOVE it everytime (well, except on cloudy days, then I am disappointed)


brittany said...

this is from the parking lot? did you have the super zoom on?

Shawna said...

I don't get tired of the pictures. I love Bend! I really do miss it. It is so beautiful!

Christie said...

LOOK at that mountain in your backyard!!! Man it is so pretty. Now I really am going to stop looking at your blog

Kevin McCarthy said...

It must be nice living so close to the mountains.

hsjacobus said...

I love this last spot too. I see the church just barely there on the left. You guys missed out. We used to all be stuffed into that tiny building. We're so happy for the new one, despite the long drive it takes to get there.