Friday, December 28, 2007

Post Christmas Blues?

After Christmas it is always kindof a let down (although it is a bit of a relief to not be able to do anything more... well, except for my Christmas cards, which will now be my Happy New Year cards). Abby asked me a couple hours after the whole opening presents thing was over? "What can I do now?" What??
Do you suffer from post Christmas blues?


Becky said...

I think this is the first year I didn't feel the let down the day after Christmas. But I actually had a mini meltdown during the day on Christmas Eve, so maybe that took care of it! It also helped that Jeromy had three days off after Christmas, so we had that to look forward to.

Yay, Tracey has a blog! Now that you're in the blogging world, I expect to see some more comments from you on my blog!

birnels said...

i am with you on the post christmas blues, but this year i am so excited about the upcoming project of tangled and true that i have yet to feel let down. i am so happy about that!

hsjacobus said...

Hey Tracey I found your blog on here. This is Suelynn.
I usually have Christmas let down, but it's a better year. The other thing I always have is a serious case of spring cleaning fever right after the holidays. So that's what I'm on today. Right before back to school, tomorrow.

hsjacobus said...

I mean Monday. Yeah, I'm with it. Monday needs to hurry up and get here!