Saturday, December 29, 2007

Best free entertainment

What is better than having a great time and it's FREE??
(Well... almost free except for the new sleds we had to buy and new ski jackets and snow pants for Brad and I, and another pair of snow pants for Elise... but the that doesn't count)
The day after Christmas we went sledding. It was awesome!! However one of our inflatable snow tubes had a hole in it, so we were kindof 1 sled short. Do you think I can find a sled in this town?
I have posted a video of Ethan from our trip. This is at the new Wanoga sno-park about 30min. from Bend. The snow was awesome... up to my thighs in some places, and even after arriving around 2pm we were still able to forge our own path in the powder. The lay of the hill allows for some natural jumps which is pretty cool. There is also a huge firepit to warm yourself and more importantly his and hers outhouses!

Have you been sledding this year yet?


Christie said...

SO FUN!!! Man no wait on the video load either. I miss sledding.

birnels said...

looks like fun. we'll definitely be checking that place out. way better than where we went.

hsjacobus said...

Just and FYI the best sledding adventure I've had to date was the mutual activity where we sledded off the back of Pilot Butte. You go to Pilot Butte Middle School and drive around the back. It's almost straight down. Way fun and closer to your house then mine even.

Tracey said...

Suelynne, was it adventure because of all the trees? I can't think of where there aren't any trees around there(?) I guess I will have to check it out! Thanks for the heads up :-)