Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ethan's Baptism- August 1

Saturday August 1st was Ethan's big day. The day he was baptized to become a member of the church. Even though it was to be a stake baptism, Ethan ended up being the only one, so we got to have our own little private baptism, just for our boy!

Again, I was a bit sad that so many friends were out of town, but it didn't diminsh the day for Ethan at all. Grandma Whiting joined us for his special day
and so did gramma and Karl
Here he is just before the service
Dad and his boy
It was nice to have both grandma's speak at his baptism since he was the only one. It was a very sweet meeting.
Afterwards we had planned to have friends over to the house, only to find the power out when we arrived! There had been a lot of lightning and thunder which had apparently knocked out the power. Luckily it had just happened, so the pasta was still warm and the rest we cooked out on the BBQ without any problem.

It was nice to have in addition to family, the Petzingers, the Wiaters, and the Birnels (who made the trip from Portland-thanks) to be with us on his special day.

Here is a picture of our candles lighting our dim kitchen for our supper. My favorite dessert was the chocolate triffle with gummy worms. So perfect for Ethan!


Josh and Nat said...

That is so nice that Eathan got to be the only one! Those baptisms get chaotic sometimes! I miss Oregon... hope to make a trip someday again.

Christie said...

Congratulations Ethan!!! I never heard about the power going out. Good thing you had propane.

Becky said...

Congratulations! I love the family pic. I also love how Abby decided to cheese it up in the third picture!

Tricia said...

Sound like everything turned out great, he even got a candle light dinner lucky.

Sarah said...

Yay Ethan! It sounds like a perfect day, including the candle lit dinner :) You are so good about taking everything in stride and making everything work out and be fun still, Tracey. And you look fantastic!! All that hard work is seriously paying off! You look awesome.

Grandma Whiting said...

Beautiful family picture. Love the picture of Ethan standing so straight and tall. And so proud to watch his father perform the baptism and confirmation.