Sunday, January 06, 2008

We do "Hoodoo"

Friday we took the day to go skiing at Hoodoo, about 50 min. from Bend. The weather started out questionable, but by 11am things were great. We put the girls in 1/2 day ski lessons, and Ethan and Brad took 1/2 day snowboard lessons. We then spent the rest of the afternoon "practicing." I was SURE one of my kids would be whining and/or bawling by the end of the day, but everyone did great. Here we are just after lunch, ready to head out again.

I spent the afternoon with Abby. It terrified me everytime we got on the chair lift! As you can imagine she does not have a very long thigh, or big tush to sit on the seat, and skis that weighed almost as much as she does! I was constantly worried she was going to fall off. The instructor suggested the "wormy" (edgey wedgey) to help her ski, which worked GREAT, when she wasn't obsessed about it getting tangled! I highly suggest "wormy" Check out the little clip of her skiing.

Samantha spent the afternoon perfecting her skills with my dad, and we hardly saw Elise as she scooted up and down the slope without incident. Check out her video-

Ethan "schooled" Brad on the snowboard and left him behind in a spray of powder.

We are so glad we went and so excited it is so close. The kids want to know when we will go again. Hopefully the end of the month when Brad has another day off!


brittany said...

cute pics and video clips! i love your snow jacket!

Christie said...

I am so jealous of all your winter fun! It makes me a bit homesick.

hsjacobus said...

How fun! I'll ice skate but for some reason I'm a big chicken when it comes to skiing. Harold does though and the boys want to.

Becky said...

Wow, you guys definitely know how to have fun and be adventurous! I can't believe how big your kids are! Especially considering the only one I've ever seen in person is Samantha, when she was a baby and you were living in married student housing at BYU! And now she appears to be taller than you! How old is Abby?